Beyond the work:

  • I’m a musician and an MDP (Music Driven Person, related to Database Driven Development and similar), playing few instruments (in a band too) and listening to various artists
  • I enjoy travelling and networking
  • I really hate walking (so I try to drive/ride as an alternative)
  • I read (techies, self-developments and fantasies)
  • I adore junk food and coke (too bad KFC are owned by PepsiCo), although I try to keep up healthy rhythm
  • I collect T-shirts (and I have more than a dozen WordPress tees!)
  • I love my family and friends
  • I love animals (except for reptiles and insects)
  • I am a Mensa member and a part of several local communities
  • I love bullets (pretty obvious, can’t help it, though weapon-wise I love knives)
  • I like to explore foreign cultures – such as Asian food or Arabic shisha